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The needs in situations of crisis are as individual as you are.

The challenge is to have access to the best fitting expert - I do.

We love to serve.

Whatever the challenge is you face – we use our experience, access our network and have the ability to immediately react to support you in any case of non-compliance, white-collar and cyber crime as well as the challenges around human behaviour and leadership.

That’s what we strive for.

Partner and expert.

In sensitive business situations.

Based in Switzerland, Structuul is an owner-led company with an international scope.

We are your partner and act as specialist when it comes to sensitive business situations.

We support natural persons and companies in answering sensitive questions in the areas of governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

We specialise in the prevention, recognition and processing of crisis and fraudulent actions in companies and the comprehensive support of those affected.

To do that, we ask the right questions, work out answers and find solutions.

Governance, finance, risk and compliance are complex areas requiring interplay between specialised technical knowledge and experience. It’s about figures and risks, but also about communication. Within the company and with the outside stakeholders.



Task Force.


Constantly expanding.

The competence of our globally active and interdisciplinary team of experts is based on decades of experience in the following areas:

Sonja Stirnimann

CEO, Founder

I strive for challenges! Recognising them far in advance, handling delicate situations with aplomb, staying calm in a crisis – and when a solution is required, turning problems into opportunities. It can be done. Always. That’s a promise!

My most important tool is the ability to quickly grasp complex situations and to integrate them into the big picture.

I listen very closely – also to that which is unspoken, see what’s happening – also non-verbally. Due to my long experience and a reliable portion of “gut feeling”, I recognise where risks are hiding and where situations may change suddenly.

It’s always people who are the focus of my work.

Yes, it’s about large companies and organisations. Yes, it’s about figures, facts, technology, digitalisation, cybercrime and co. But in the end it’s always about the person in their current situation. Who has the responsibility in every organisation, regardless of the size? People.

I’m on my clients’ side. Unconditionally.

Always a critical ally, never an enemy. With you in the ring as a sparring partner, in the boardroom as an additional brain, keeping the rhythm at the negotiating table, in meetings as a strategic database.

All that doesn’t mean that I make it easy for you – quite the opposite. If you work with me, you’ll know that a mirror reveals not only beauty. If you want to take on responsibility, you take on a world of challenges and risks.

I’ve built up a strong, active network of specialists worldwide, people I can rely on.

My philosophy: The right people for the right task.



My Passion.

Connecting the dots

Up close and personal

There is no such thing as “can’t”.

Ideas flow and I am always ready to roll up my sleeves. No matter in what kind of situation you are in – I support you 24/7.

  • Protector

    Today for my clients, their teams and their challenges. In the past as a bodyguard (trained in close combat and armed as a bouncer, supervisor, investigator).

  • Mediator

    Business mediator: When two people are arguing, I get them to find a solution. Anything else is a waste of resources.

  • Investigator

    Certified Fraud Examiner. For over 20 years I’ve been interested in apparently “harmless” structures with more behind them. Ethical and with integrity, please!

  • Financial expert & appraiser

    Swiss Certified Accountant – for the love of it. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve wanted to look behind the scenes of companies, and to understand them: Interpreting figures, in order to use them for strategy, leadership and success.

  • Strategist

    International Executive MBA Financial Services & Insurance
    Out of the comfort zone and ready for new cultures and challenges.  6 countries, 3 continents, 24 personalities from 16 countries, 720 days and thousands of experiences richer.

  • Crisis Manager

    The more complex the situation, the clearer the head. Tested countless times, and I surprise myself again and again. Even in the thick of things as the person affected, rather than simply observing.

  • Think Tank

    No solution, no idea? No such thing! I guarantee that for every apparent problem I will come up with at least 5 ideas – in next to no time. The idea highway in my head runs 24/7. That’s simply how I function.


  • Listener

    Reflecting the current situation by telling someone independantly what is going on is sometimes more effective than anything else. If questions are appreciated – I also act as your personal “advocatus diaboli”.


Selection of our diverse areas of activity


I accompany you with no fuss and with absolute discretion.