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The Challenge.

You want to know where the strategically important topics and risks are hidden in your company? Let me suggest hypotheses and ask critical questions…

People with responsibility trip up. Also over their own feet.

Daily life in a position of responsibility is complex, challenging. Many things have an impact on each other. Important decisions are often made based on uncertain facts. The increase in statutory requirements plays its part, too. Not to mention the critical success factor “Human Being and Ability to Act”.

At the centre of every challenging constellation are people with their sensitivities and their own agendas – regardless of the hierarchy level.

Not all, but very many risks can be assessed… provided they are recognised. Do you, in your area of responsibility, have enough clarity about your strategic risk in the areas of Fraud and Crisis and Reputation Management?

When preventative measures are seen as annoying and are too often ignored, it comes back to get you (when budgeting and therefore during implementation). I see that again and again when I’m called to clients who are in the middle of a crisis – in the proverbial worst case scenario.

Practice confirms that there were plenty of early-warning indicators (Red Flags) , and in retrospect everyone saw it coming. But then why didn’t they articulate their doubts and warnings? Often it’s due to a lack of courage, or company culture makes doubters remain silent.

Conclusion: The lack of trust – internal and external – is huge and hits those responsible and their companies hardest. These days, few companies can afford an enforcement. And you?

The Goal.

I want to fine-tune your antenna.

You already have a defined project, are faced with an important decision or change in your company – and want to be prepared?

In order to exercise your responsibility in full, you want to understand your current (risk) situation better, including with regard to the influence of current statutory changes and trends in the area of fraud and security?

Then dare to take the next step and face up to my questions!

Our joint goal is that

  • You know your risk landscape.
  • You understand, accept or minimise these risks.

  • You look at them from a new perspective.

The responsibility lies with you. It’s my task to support you in identifying and applying the required adjustments.

You’ll consciously accept or minimise business risks. With the motto “we’re in the driving seat”, you’re familiar with best practices and equipped for the future.

The Solution.

You need someone who doesn’t let go.

As someone who’s independent and external it’s usually easier for me take on the role of devil’s advocate – because you’ve brought me in for that reason and are not afraid of confrontation. I address delicate topics, doubts, risks and worst-case scenarios. You allow me to look behind the scenes and dig beneath the surface. There’s a reason why my clients tell me I have “terrier qualities”.

  • As a chartered accountant I give you a critical view of your financial situation and associated risks.

  • As an internationally trained strategist, I have the trends in your sector on my radar.

  • As an investigator I’m very aware of the risk of loopholes as well as current statutory requirements.


And because these delicate topics can quickly lead to attack and defence instead of constructive solutions, you get the business mediator part of me as an added bonus.

Regarding the topics of finance, risk and communication, you would then be equipped for emergencies.

The Approach.

How we get there

You explain your current situation to me. Based on that, I ask you the first critical questions. The combination of your answers defines how we proceed.

Always respectful, yet blunt – as a true devil’s advocate I draw your attention to critical topics. Together we work out concrete measures, responsibilities and a strategy for integrating them purposefully into the existing structure and culture.

With simple and pragmatic tools I guide you and your team through, for example:

  • Strategy workshops

  • Challenging meetings and preparing for them

  • Systematic interviews with leadership and management

  • Support in discussions with internal and external auditors

  • The presentation of discovered risks and consequences in administrative board meetings, from an external perspective

I accompany you from A-Z, depending on the situation either solely 1:1 or, if required, with the support of additional experts.

Would you rather work 1:1 with me as a sparring partner?