Compliance Due Diligence


The Challenge.

It’s your responsibility to hire key people or to enter into contracts with business partners or clients?

Then I hope for your sake that you not only hold structured interviews, but also run third-party checks (background checks/compliance quick check, 3rd party due diligence).

What a first glance and a gut feeling won’t tell you

A bad fit – whether of employees, clients or business partners – can lead to great difficulties for your company. It means bringing a potential risk on board.

In the last few years, the number of falsified application dossiers with imaginary university degrees, dissertations and theses has increased massively – not only in Switzerland. And even the most impressive appearance of a company that you want to enter a business relationship with can be deceptive.

The thing is: Paper is patient; electronic options are almost limitless. On the one hand that means danger for you, but on the other it means you have the opportunity to get all the relevant information – if you want it.

The risk of entering into collaborations with partners who represent precarious exposure in countries with stricter compliance regulations, directly involving your company, is not infrequent (UK Bribery Act, FCPA, OFAC). And it’s no secret that you must also screen your clients with regard to money- laundering regulations.

X-raying just in case?

Can you afford negative headlines due to working with a company that is already involved in sanction proceedings or is being investigated because of a possible infringement of FCPA regulations?

With the right questions during the interview process and comprehensive, internationally-orientated checking of third-parties, you’ll know where you really stand with individuals and companies. From that position, you can decide which risks you want to take on or minimise – before you pay for the consequences.

The Goal.

I don’t want to buy a pig in a poke!

  • You know that in the past there was no systematic clarification of your business partners?
  • You are currently in the situation of wanting to re-staff delicate (international) key positions?

  • In future, you want to include targeted interview questions from the areas of compliance, ethics and integrity in your assessment process?


As the person responsible, you know that alleged swindlers are always one step ahead. It can also be the case that your business partners themselves are not fully aware of their own risk landscape.

Our joint goals are

  • to minimise the risk of strategic erroneous staffing and/or business relationships.

  • to avoid bringing anyone into the company based on falsified information.

  • to avoid taking any third-party risks.

  • to avoid risking a loss of reputation for you and your Company.

The Solution.

You need someone to pull out the magnifying glass.

You provide me with the information you already have on the person or company, in as much detail as possible, and let me know the depth of information you require. We decide together how this depth of information and its possibilities for expansion look in real terms.

With independent, external x-ray vision I organise the relevant third-party clarification, in my global active network and based on your information requirements.

For the application process for your key positions, I help you put together the relevant interview questions in order to round off your decision criteria.

The Approach.

When x-ray images support an assessment

True to the motto: Trust is good, but checking is better!

You tell me about your current situation and the processes relating to business partner checks, as well as the assessment for new hires – especially key personnell. Based on that, I ask you some initial critical questions and already provide some ideas. The combination of your answers defines how we proceed.

Together, we establish a strategy for minimising the risks from business partners and erroneous appointments, and for reaching jointly-set goals.

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