The Challenge.

You stand in the spotlight! And hold the responsibility for your decisions – in the role of member of the management team, Head of Internal Audit, Head of Legal & Compliance, Head of IT (Security), Head of Human Resources or something similar.

You have a dilemma – sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller

The board of directors has transferred part of its responsibility to you. You want to deliver – to deliver well, to be better and to prove it to everyone, most of all to yourself. You make decisions on a daily basis, often alone. The “sandwich function” you have, working on behalf of the board of directors and as the person responsible at the highest operative leadership level, has hidden dangers. Especially for you. For example:

  • Tasks/competence/responsibility – the magically unbalanced triangle
  • The only subject expert at this level – I used to have colleagues!

  • Chronically behind – even if it only feels that way?

  • From 0 to 100 – in a new role?

  • Internal politics – not everyone’s thing, but at your level and beyond you have to know the rules.

  • Following your own path at last? – That’s the path that only few dare to tread. That’s what it’s about!

The Goal.

I want to stand in your shadow.

  • You already have a challenge that you would like to analyse, understand and make a success of, together with an external Partner?

  • Or you have taken on a new position and would like me to accompany you during the initial period, as your personal corporate whisperer?

In the world of sports every pro has a coach – why are business pros lagging behind?

I promise to tell it how it is, even if that’s sometimes uncomfortable.

Our joint goal is

  • To prepare you for the challenges in your area of responsibility and, where it makes sense, to make you tougher, fitter or more flexible – however you need it right now.

  • To arm you for exceptional attacks.

  • To give you the certainty that you can act and communicate appropriately – regardless of the situation.

  • To make you into a confident negotiator even in delicate situations.

  • To improve your communication so that you can withstand conflictual discussions with ease.

  • To protect and maintain your reputation in the long term


The Solution.

Your own path – You need to exist in and navigate through a structure with rules, objectives and other conditions that you have to adhere to. Are you already familiar with these? Also the informal ones?

  • What are you actually doing here, and for whom, why and how?

  • How do you get the information that you need?

  • How do you know which questions can strategically be asked when, and what consequences they have?

  • How do you analyse your current situation in the sense of strategic constellations?


So that you can put your own stamp on your work – within existing bandwidths – we find the path that suits you and your abilities, strengths and competencies. And that in a 1:1 coaching. I’m your personal corporate whisperer behind the scenes.

It’s about having someone who occasionally prompts you with a key word.

As an external corporate whisperer, I’m free of dependencies to do with company politics, or personal or other issues. You allow me to help you find the informal paths, and to strengthen you in such a way that you can exercise your responsibility strategically for yourself and your company.

Right: It’s primarily about you, and secondly about the company.

Unearthing and addressing critical topics won’t always be pleasant. But no need to worry: You’ll have support, preparation help, someone by your side, and afterwards we’ll go through the situations together… to be ready for the next challenge.

The Approach.

The path with me as prompter

You explain your current situation to me. Based on that, I ask you critical questions. The combination of your answers defines how we proceed.

Always respectful, yet challenging – so that you can continue to shine in the spotlight, in the knowledge that there’s somebody in the shadows backing you up.

 With simple, effective tools and structures we work together in those areas that are important to you.

In person or using technology options (from Skype to secure connections). We choose the format depending on your current needs.

I shadow and coach you from A-Z, and, depending on the starting situation, on a 1:1 basis only.

Would you prefer me to accompany your whole team? I’m happy to take on the role of devil’s advocate for you.