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The Challenge.

Reduced to the minimum, investigators and fraud examiners are primarily one thing: fact finders.

Fraudulent events come unexpectedly and always at inconvenient times. There is seldom a complete internal team with experience of the current event to simply – on top of their daily tasks – set up an investigation of the facts with all the necessary resources.

Do you know how to act in a solution-orientated manner in this situation?

The internal investigation, a topic that can affect you from one day to the next. Studies confirm it; in practice there are even more cases: Most fraud cases are not made public. It remains unclear how many of these involve an internal investigation (with internal and/or external specialists).

At the same time, the whole subject is still seen as a taboo, because of course it only happens to other people…

Would you like to be on the front page with your company and negative headlines – your name linked with disgrace?

In an operative key function of a company, you have been given responsibility, tasks and competencies by the administrative board. In the case of non-compliance and fraud, the consequences are devastating: for you as the person responsible, for the employees, and for the company. In the worst case also for your business partners and additional stakeholders.

If you have a suspicion, whether certain or vague, you have to take action! Professionally, quickly, and purposefully.

Investigations can’t be carried out “on the side” without focus.

At the point when you’re required to investigate a situation, you need a whole range of resources and decision-making criteria. These include the strategy you need to choose for the investigation, as well as communication; from professional project management to documentation, to detailed planning of specialists’ availability.

Depending on their size, companies usually have internal resources that can support such an investigation. But it’s rare to have a whole team immediately available, not to mention capacity. Your employees are already busy with their routine Tasks.

The Goal.

I want to investigate the situation with you.

You need clarity regarding the suspicious facts. And your investigation gives you that clarity.

The joint goals are that

  • the right experts take care of the processing and are a part of the overall investigation of your situation.

  • you quickly find clarity about what has happened and what the current situation is: concrete, unembellished and with a realistic assessment of the consequences.
  • the procedure is selected strategically and in agreement with you.

  • The appropriateness of the investigation is guaranteed.

  • Available resources are deployed effectively and supported as required by external specialists.

Throughout the fraud cycle and even during the investigation, you remain able to act at all times, and are able to exercise your responsibility.

The Solution.

You need someone who has an overview of the whole situation, thinks strategically and can immediately integrate new information.

As an external specialist for fraud issues, I draw on experience from a whole range of situations, companies and global fraud investigations – with an interdisciplinary team of over 100 specialists.

  • Based on the existing information, I help you and your team to set up working hypotheses.

  • We ensure that the investigation is not thwarted by any kind of bias, prejudice or jumping to conclusions. Your investigation must be able to be used as evidence at any time; this quality requirement is guaranteed.

  • The technology used is state-of-the-art. As a point of contact between you, investigators and technicians, I ensure that the data and informative material is transparent and understandable.


In my investigations, investigators and IT specialists are a team working together towards the same goal. Their reporting of the situation conforms to best practices and is appreciated by the law enforcement authorities.

The Approach.

How we approach the situation

You tell me the key facts and let me ask questions about your starting situation, which gives us initial answers about the situation and a possible way forward to the investigation. Based on this we identify the next steps – tailored to your situation.

Are you currently fortunate enough not to need an investigation, and would like to find out more about fraud management?