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The Challenge.

Fraudulent events come unexpectedly and at inconvenient times. Do you know if you would be solution-orientated and able to act in that situation?

A taboo topic that only ever affects others.

Studies prove the opposite; in practice these studies are exceeded many times over. Cases of fraud can occur in even the best (families and) companies. Including Switzerland, including yourself, including your company, and including your social circle. When it comes to judging what people are capable of, I wouldn’t put my money on anyone.

As the highest level of responsibility in a company, you delegate responsibility, distribute tasks and assign competences. You know who carries the ultimate responsibility. In the case of non-compliance and fraud, the consequences are devastating: for you as the person responsible, for employees, and for the company. In the worst case also for your business partners and additional stakeholders.

Fraud management is not an alibi exercise.

It’s not simply about putting in additional controls in order to comply with the law, but about having the right measures in the right place.

To whom, and how – and based on which decision-making criteria – have you transferred the responsibility for fraud management? How do you ensure that you can carry this ultimate responsibility?

The Goal.

I want to break the taboo with you

Non-compliance and fraud affect all of us and cost a fortune. I certainly don’t want to find you as person responsible and your company as a negative headline in the newspaper.

Our joint goal is that

  • You and your company are able to implement practical, preventative measures in the area of fraud.

  • In the case of fraud damage or a suspicion of it (vague or more concrete), you can react adequately and maintain your ability to act.

  • You are able to perform an internal investigation – with internal, and, if required, with us external specialists, in order to gain clarity about the events.

You therefore remain able to act throughout the life cycle of fraudulent activity.

The fact is that preventative measures in the area of fraud management represent only a fraction of the investment that would be required for investigative measures if something happened.

The Solution.

You need someone with razor-sharp analytical skills who can think like a fraudster and empowers you and your Team to do the same.

As an external specialist for fraud issues, I bring you experience from a whole range of situations, companies and global fraud investigations.

  • I teach you and your team to think like a fraudster and, based on that, to analyse your existing fraud management System.

  • You don’t have a fraud management system? With practical tools I support you and your team in creating your strategy – whatever the size or sector of your company.

  • You want to know if it also works? No problem! Dare to take a periodic stress test with us, and we’ll show you previously undiscovered loopholes.

The Approach.

How we approach the taboo topic

You let me ask questions about your situation, thereby finding your own first answers about the situation with regard to effective fraud management. Based on this we identify further steps – tailored to your company.

I work personally with you and your team. If required, I’m happy to bring in complementary specialists from my network.

You’d like to know more about the topic in the context of crisis management?