The Challenge.

You specialise in and focus on your core Topics? Same here!

The goal of every investigation is a report with reliable facts, from which you can draw meaningful and realistic conclusions and derive measures to be taken.

Being confronted with fraudulent incidents and non-compliance in connection with your clients cannot be planned for. Ever.

The internal investigation: a delicate topic for your clients, an exciting challenge for you.

In order to provide the client with a complete investigation team with practical experience and all the necessary resources, you’ll often need additional expertise.

Every investigations needs focus

At the point when you’re required to investigate a situation internally for your client, you need a whole range of resources and decision-making criteria.

These include the strategy you need to choose for the investigation, as well as communication, professional project management, documentation, and detailed availability planning for interdisciplinary specialists.

The Goal.

I want to investigate the situation with you

You need an investigation for your clients that is carried out strategically and professionally.

Our joint goals are that

  • Your client experiences a professional investigation that can be used in court.
  • We are the contact people for the client regarding interdisciplinary questions to do with the current event.

  • We both bring knowledge with us – for the benefit of the current project and for potential future projects.

Throughout the fraud cycle and even during the investigation, our joint client remains able to act at all times, and is able to exercise their responsibility.

The Solution.

You need someone who has an overview of the whole situation, thinks strategically and can immediately integrate new information.

As an external specialist for fraud issues with a focus on investigation strategy, investigations, interviews and reporting, I draw on experience from a whole range of situations, companies and global fraud investigations – with an interdisciplinary team of over 100 specialists.

  • As an interface and point of contact between you, your clients, investigators, legal specialists and technicians, I coordinate the transparency and comprehensibility of the data and Information.

  • Together, based on existing information, we create working hypotheses as a part of the fact-finding (and investigation) strategy.

  • We ensure that the investigation is not thwarted by any kind of bias, prejudice or jumping to conclusions.

  • Our joint investigation must be able to be used as evidence at any time; this quality requirement is guaranteed.

  • The technology and methods used are state-of-the-art.

 In investigations led by me, investigators, IT specialists and legal specialists are a team working together towards the same goal.

The final reporting of the situation conform to best practices and is appreicated by law enforcement authorities too.

The Approach.

How we proceed with a joint investigation

You tell me the key facts and let me ask questions about your starting situation, which gives us initial answers about the situation and a possible way forward as a team. Based on this we identify further steps – tailored to your situation.

There is currently no need for an interdisciplinary investigation but would still like to know more about me, my activities and how we could work together?