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The Challenge.

As a leader at the highest level, you have to navigate ship and crew safely, even in a storm. That’s not easy!

From a storm in a teacup to a crisis that threatens your company

I differentiate between “storms in a teacup” and those that need a task force on site right away. Both are relevant. You must decide, sometimes within minutes, which sort of crisis you are dealing with and how to proceed strategically.

It’s a question of the point of view and the level of threat. Nothing is more diverse than an acute threat for people, company and surroundings. I’m talking here in concrete terms about crises that endanger your reputation and that of your company. A crisis due to non-compliance, fraudulent activities, corruption and other events that in the worst case threaten the existence of your company.

You can decide…

…whether and how to prepare yourself strategically for crises:

  • Waiting, hoping and reacting to a worst case when it happens
  • Analysing, preparing, pro-actively taking up the reins.

The Goal.

I want to prepare you and, if the worst happens, navigate for you

Storms in a teacup I solve for you personally. If a task force of several interdisciplinary experts is required, I can put one together for you from my personal network in next to no time. If necessary, also worldwide.

I make sure that we prepare all the foundations so that you can make the necessary decisions for your company.

Our joint goal are that

  • your crisis management takes into account critical conceptual aspects in the area of non-compliance and fraud from different perspectives.

  • your emergency scenario comes into effect at any time.

  • in the worst case, sound strategic decisions can be made.

  • based on these decisions, you are immediately able to introduce targeted measures.

  • your internal and external crisis communication is strategically thought out and fits the current situation.

  • your reputation and that of your company is maintained and strengthened.


In short: You are, and remain, able to act – especially in crisis situations.

The Solution.

You need someone who keeps a cool head in critical situations.

As an external crisis manager, I act for you with a cool head and razor-sharp mind in delicate situations. In preparation, you allow me to ask you important questions, to point out weak spots, and if a crisis occurs, to develop strategic criteria for decision-making.


First questions from my side:

  • Do you know your trouble spots in the area of crisis management?

  • What preventative measures do you have in place?

  • Have you also already covered all strategically relevant occurrences in your crisis management?

Let yourself be challenged and prepared – for the worst case! Preferably before you find yourself in the middle of a crisis.


By the way: In 99% of the companies who have already implemented a crisis management system there is at least one weak spot… I’m happy to tell you personally where it is.

The Approach.

How we prepare for a crisis

After a comprehensive analysis, I show you the possible areas of action and where you have leeway. The design of each phase is worked out directly with you. You provide me with a team or I bring in additional experts if required. You are my main contact person and I yours.

Do you rather need support in the area of fraud management? I’ll be happy to show you how we can work together.