Incident Management


The Challenge.

No, you don’t need me – no way!

It’s much too unlikely that you’ll ever have anything to do with fraud, breaches of security or reputation crises. And you don’t know anyone who might need me.

Believe me: I’ll be happy if it really stays that way. Because that means that you’ll never be in the unfortunate situation where fires are breaking out all over the place.

But if it does happen, then I’ll be there!

The Fact.

Emergency case

You know this Symbol?

When there’s a fire, this is where you assemble – your previousely defined meeting-point. This is where you get more information about how to proceed, this is where the “party” is if a fire breaks out. Regular fire drills ensure that your employees know how to react in a real emergency. So far so good.

Unless there isn’t really a fire, and you were caught off-guard with something else. For example in the case of irregularities related to fraudulent activity, non-compliance, damage to reputation or other fundamental business crises, which in the worst case could have consequences for the continuation of your business.

It’s quite easy: here’s when I want to be called by you….

The Solution.

Before a fire breaks out

You’ll be surprised to see how many preventative measures you can take to ensure that you don’t reach the point of crisis in the first place. And all the things you should do in order to be prepared for the worst. Because one thing is certain: Every company is vulnerable. Including yours!

Reducing the likelihood of an emergency, and if a fire does break out, knowing what to do. With the goal of keeping damage to a minimum and maintaining your reputation.

During a fire

Ideally we will already have put some preventative measures in place. Even so, no company is safe. Violations of regulations and the cunning of fraudsters are too wide a field for that.  If we’ve already worked together, we’ll be able to extinguish the fire quickly. Getting the crisis under control – also regarding communication. If you’ve noticed irregularities, suspect fraud, or find yourself facing another kind of disaster, then give me a call! I’ll come with a troop of fire fighters that have proved themselves over decades and can successfully extinguish fires of all kinds.

Recognising the situation, having a differentiated overview, bringing the crisis under control. Limiting the extent of the damage and avoiding damage to your reputation.

After a fire

After any crisis, especially big ones that cause sensitive damage to your company, it’s important to hold a post mortem. What can we learn from this incident? How was it able to happen? Which red flags and monitoring measures didn’t work – or are missing?

Together, we perform an analysis in order to understand why a fire broke out, which influencing factors played a role, and how we can bring this understanding back into the company. It’s not about finding scapegoats, but about honest processing. How we learn lessons from the situation and minimise the identified causes for the future and/or how we can be better armed, in case it happens again.

Implementing these conclusions using common sense, and – in spite of the negative experiences – looking with trust at a fantastic team and associates. Where it makes sense, organising relevant workshops and qualifications for employees in key positions.

The Conclusion.

Running a business is a risk. However as long as we know the risk, we can decide how to handle it.

But please: Don’t leave these decisions to chance, nor to the principle of hope!