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Key notes


The Challenge.

White-Collar-Crime, Non-Compliance, Cyber Crime – always happens to others?!?

Experiencing Taboo Topics in an Interesting Way

Would you like to allow your management team, employees, individual departments or clientèle a glimpse into the different topics that come up during the fraud life cycle? To prepare them for maintaining their ability to act, or to make sure they are more conscious of their own reputation – and its vulnerability?

Nothing is more interesting and surprising than fraud, than the creative facets that it has these days. And in most companies, nothing is underestimated like the risk from outside – or inside. Or perhaps people just don’t like to talk about it – except over a drink, when it happens to someone else and it’s all over the media.

Let me tell you what I know..

The Goal.

What People want to listen to:

«Success Factor No. 1 – Ability to Act» Your strategic advantage number 1, when you remain able to act, and DON’T freeze at the most important moment!

«Risk Factor Human» Pitfalls and tips when working with people – as a client, partner, employee or supplier.

«Bias – Clouded Perception» How perception in key positions becomes clouded – consciously and unconsciously – in the function of Internal Investigator, Compliance Officer, Internal Audit.

«Being Prepared for the Worst Case – Your Individual FraudAidKitTM» How you can prepare yourself to be ready for action at all times, taking responsibility at all hierarchical levels, in the areas of compliance, integrity, ethics and strategy.

«Crisis Management in the Case of Fraud» When non-compliance leads to a (company) crisis and how to deal with it.

«Fraud as Your (Constant) Companion» The life cycle of fraudulent activities and their different forms – for exposed personalities who are fully aware of their responsibility or want to be so.

«Fraud and Corruption – Challenge for the Auditors»

The Solution.

Let me tell you what I know…

Sensitisation, clarification, connections and background information in the form of

  • Keynotes
  • Interactive workshops

  • Fireside discussions

  • …and many more formats possible


Of course you can also book me for an event. As a keynote speaker or active panellist on the Podium.