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Executive Coaching


The Challenge.

Congratulations, you’ve made it! You’re playing in the top league and therefore have a high level of responsibility for your company – legally and morally. That’s a fact! If it weren’t for…

It’s lonely at the top, but you’re seldom alone.

You have the responsibility, people expect a great deal, you expect a great deal of yourself! In addition, up where you are, exchanges are seldom at eye level between partners, because everyone’s focused on their own area, and unfortunately there’s even often a degree of competition.

  • Express doubts? – Can’t do that, otherwise your competence will be questioned.

  • Ask questions? – But only the right ones, please, because that also take its toll on your competence quota.

  • Critically scrutinise? – But please only in a way that means no-one feels you’ve trodden on their toes.

  • Follow your own path? – That’s the path that only few dare to tread. That’s what it’s about!

  • Express a completely different opinion? – Very good, if you’ve developed the basic decision-making criteria for yourself.

The Goal.

Your own path

What are you actually doing here, and for whom, why and how?

How do you get the information that you require?

How do you know which questions should strategically be asked when, and what the resulting consequences are?

How do you analyse your current situation in terms of strategic constellations?

All roads lead to Rome. Together, we’ll find the one that suits you and your abilities, strengths and competencies. And that in 1:1 sparring.

Our joint goals are

  • To prepare you for the challenges in your area of responsibility and, where it makes sense, to make you tougher, fitter or more flexible – however you need it right now.

  • To arm you for exceptional situations.

  • To protect and maintain your reputation in the long term.

The Solution.

I want to challenge you to discover your best version of yourself!

You already have a challenge that you would like to analyse, understand and make a success of, together with an external partner?

Or you’ve taken on a new position and would like me to accompany you during the initial period, as your personal sparring partner?

In the world of sports every pro has a coach – why are business pros lagging behind?

Are you ready to face my “attacks” in the form of challenging questions?

If you want to improve, you need someone to challenge you.

As an external sparring partner, I’m independent of company politics and personal or other issues. You allow me to get in the ring with you, and to train you in such a way that you keep your weak points protected.

It won’t always be pleasant to discover and then cover these weak points. But you’ll have so much more success when it comes to protecting and keeping them safe.

Soon you’ll dancing in the ring instead of fighting.

The Approach.

The way to the ring

You explain your current situation to me. Based on that, I ask you the first critical questions. The combination of your answers defines how we proceed.

Always respectful, yet blunt – just like a sparring partner.

With simple, effective tools we work together in those areas that are important to you.

In person or using technology options (from Skype to secure connections). You wouldn’t be the first sparring partner whom I’ve worked with from the other side of the world.

I coach you from A-Z, and, depending on the starting situation, 1:1 only.

Would you prefer me to accompany your whole team? I’m happy to take on the role of devil’s advocate for you.