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The access to information was never better than these times.

The challenge is to focus on what is relevant.

We love to share what we know, experienced and learned over the last three decades.

Either by directly talking to you – which is what we most prefer – or speaking about it for a large audience, writing fact sheets, articles and books about the broad topics of non-compliance, white-collar and cyber crime as well as the human behaviour and leadership.

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The Publications
Als integraler Bestandteil der Corporate Governance des Unternehmens ist das Compliance Management System (CMS) auf…
17 August 2018
Buchempfehlung: Der Mensch als Risikofaktor bei Wirtschaftskriminalität, Autor: Sonja Stirnimann, erschienen August…
16 August 2018
Defined decades ago and still in use: Understand the differences between Blue- versus White Collar Workers
09 August 2018
Wer auf andere Leute wirken will, der muss erst einmal in ihrer Sprache mit ihnen reden. Kurt Tucholsky…
07 August 2018
Neuroscience meets social engineering
03 August 2018
Fact is, that most of us think about ourselves, that we behave in an ethical way but what are our unconcious biases…
02 August 2018
„Alle Wahrheit durchläuft drei Stufen. Zuerst wird sie lächerlich gemacht oder verzerrt. Dann wird sie bekämpft. Un…
31 July 2018
The 5 common fraud pattern using technology – are you resistant?
26 July 2018
„If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences“ Thomas Theorem#humanfaktor…
24 July 2018
Social engineering: 8 methods of influence
19 July 2018


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