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The access to information was never better than these times.

The challenge is to focus on what is relevant.

We love to share what we know, experienced and learned over the last three decades.

Either by directly talking to you – which is what we most prefer – or speaking about it for a large audience, writing fact sheets, articles and books about the broad topics of non-compliance, white-collar and cyber crime as well as the human behaviour and leadership.

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The Publications
In connection with the upcoming WEF an interesting report on how to build an inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable…
14 December 2018
Especially number three is one of the key success factors in Risk management...#humanfactor #riskintelligence…
13 December 2018
Oldie but Goldie - the Ponzi scheme is still used worldwide. Please do not get frauded and make sure that you ident…
11 December 2018
WE – you and me are the top risk of cybersecurity!#humanfactor #riskintelligence #fraudprevention…
06 December 2018
Are you worried that your employees are putting your company at risk for a data breach? It is now a matter of preve…
04 December 2018
An interesting article in the Handelsblatt in the context of the annual conference Cybersecurity on the topic of da…
29 November 2018
Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) licensed the Stock Exchange to operate the Gibraltar Blockchain Exch…
27 November 2018
There is still a lot of potential for digitalisation within the financial services sector - thank you for the resea…
26 November 2018
Many people reason that if the number is showing as a known number, then the attacker is who they say they are. How…
22 November 2018
Organizations worldwide lose an estimated 5 percent of their annual revenues to fraud. There are some basic steps y…
16 November 2018


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