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The access to information was never better than these times.

The challenge is to focus on what is relevant.

We love to share what we know, experienced and learned over the last three decades.

Either by directly talking to you – which is what we most prefer – or speaking about it for a large audience, writing fact sheets, articles and books about the broad topics of non-compliance, white-collar and cyber crime as well as the human behaviour and leadership.

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15 June 2018
Do you know how crime and fraud in your company are detected?
14 June 2018
Very excited to hold the professional workshop next Thursday, June 14 at EXPERTsuisse about #fraud…
13 June 2018
Don’t belive the hype but recognize the potential of an amazing technology! A big thank you to @trustsquare,…
12 June 2018
A big thank you to Gabrielle Rudolf von Rohr and her team for the national conference of IIA #internalaudit. It wa…
12 June 2018
Couldn't agree more...
25 May 2018
The core vulnerability (also in times of digitisation)? HUMAN FACTOR. Target: PEOPLE...and not just technology. Cri…
20 April 2018
G20 countries moving too slowly to combat financial crime - @anticorruption
19 April 2018
Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA media conference "Cyber-attacks are the most serious operational…
27 March 2018
Only two weeks to go and we can also meet @ OfficeLAB in Zug and share ideas within the community. #Fintech
19 March 2018


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